Léa Seydoux for Interview Magazine, September 2014
By Peter Lindbergh

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The Night Porter, Liliana Cavani - 1974
Ce qui m’est interdit.

— Paul Eluard, “Le tournant”, in Les mains libres (via akwabon)

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I luxuriate more in a whole day alone; a day of easy natural poses; slipping tranquilly off into the deep water of my own thoughts, navigating the underworld.

Virginia Woolf, Diary Entry, 18 June 1926. (via mirroir)

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Her skin was so delicate that the least touch left a pink spot on it, slow to fade.

— Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter in the Dark (via seabois)

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Tu sais, quand je te dis que je t’aime, il ne s’agit même pas d’amour. Je te parle d’impossibilité de respirer autrement.

— Romain Gary, Au-delà de cette limite votre ticket n’est plus valable (via laceremoniedesadieux)

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piczo photography

Kunz Meyer-Waldeck (1859-1953), La Sorcière d’Endor.
Is it a woman? a chimera, the figure of a unicorn rearing as on a heraldic coat of arms or perhaps the work of some oriental decorative artist to whom the human form is forbidden and who, wishing to be reminded of woman, has drawn the delicious arabesque? No, it is none of these things, but rather the precise image of a modern woman scrupulously drawn by a painter who is a master of his art

— Judith Gautier, on John Singer Sargent’s controversial painting Madame X (via irlbitch)

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2nd September, TuesdayReblog

Friend the Magazine, August 2014